pvc pond liner supplier, custom plastic pond liner, fish pond liner manufacturer
pvc pond liner supplier, custom plastic pond liner, fish pond liner manufacturer

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LIN-YANG PVC Pone & Pool Liner Factory since 2002

18 years experience for manufacturing PVC/vinyl pond & pool liner, professional R&D team, 33000+ sqm workshop, 125+ professional staff, advanced 7.2 meters largest calendaring & laminating machine, annual output is 30000+ tons, 3~4.3 billion US dollars annual output, attended Canton Fair, Mexico fair, Malaysia Fair

China heavy duty pond liner company

Free Sample & Factory Direct Prices

As a professional manufacturer in PVC/vinyl pond & pool liner, we offer factory price and high-quality PVC/vinyl pond & pool liner to clients, all are in accordance with the international standard. ISO9001, ISO14001, SGS, US FDA, MSDS, BPA, REACH, M2 Flame Retardant, EN71-3 approved . The free sample supply to you.

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ODM & Custom Service over 18 Years

Custom and ODM PVC/vinyl pond & pool liner since 2002. PVC/vinyl pond & pool liner can be customised to any width, thickness, softness, size, style, color or material design by your needs and made of quality & eco-friendly PVC/vinyl  materials etc. excellent tensile, tearing and adhesion strength, fire retardant, UV-protective, antimicrobial, oilproof etc.

Professional R&D and Durable Quality

With excellent abrasion resistance and air impermeability , PVC/vinyl Tarpaulin is good at being used for garden & outdoor living pond liner, fish pond liner and preformed pond liner, geomembrane pond liner, swimming pool liner etc..

Our PVC/vinyl tarpaulin is easy and convenient for installation, the max width we can make is 6.3m so that can reduce the number of welds.


Special Features:
1) Excellent tensile, tearing and adhesion strength
2) Fire retardant, UV-protective, antimicrobial, oilproof, stain, acid and alkali resistance.
3) Temperature and weather resistant, anti-oxidation and durable
4) All color can be customize
5) Width:0.914~6.3m
6) Threads: 9*9/18*18/20*20 /20*18/23*23/30*30 or others

7) ISO9001, ISO14001, SGS, FDA, MSDS, BPA, REACH, M2 Flame Retardant, EN71-3 approved

If you're interested in these PVC/vinyl tarpaulin pond & pool liner, please inquiry now, we will email you our product E-catalog and provide you with Custom Service, factory price. 

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Agricultural Pond Liner

PVC Pond Liner Fish Farming Tank

Plastic PVC Pond Liner Fish Farming Tank

Vinyl Pool Liner for Water Park

pond liner for water park

Vinyl Pond Liner for Aquaculture

pond liner for aquaculture

PVC Pond Liner for Home Watertank

pvc trap pond liner for watertanks

Vinyl Pond Liner for Swimming Pool

PVC pond liner for swimming pool

PVC Trapaulin Preformed Pond Liner

PVC Trapaulin Preformed Pond Liners

PVC Trap Shrimp Farm Tank Liner

PVC trapaulin Shrimp Farm Tank Liners

Our mature Quality Control team check the products before shipment, which includes Checking humidity inside the products, defect, misprints, packaging, etc. Certificate: ISO, SGS, CE, RTS, ect.

Our packing method corresponds to the seaworthy Packing Way in International Trade. We use good quality Bubble Bag and Master Carton for items. About more details, please send requiry to us.

After confirming sample model and design, we can send the samples by your courier account like FedEx, UPS, and DHL etc. About the samples details, please send requiry for more.

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