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Introduction to the function of plastic coated cloth

by:LINYANG     2022-09-26
The plastic-coated cloth has the properties of waterproof, mildew proof, cold resistance, aging resistance and anti-static, and this product is superior to the traditional tarpaulin in some aspects. It has strong breaking force, high tear elongation and tearing strength. big. Because the plastic-coated cloth is a plastic-coated high-strength polyester waterproof cloth, which is based on high-strength polyester canvas, coated with polyvinyl chloride paste resin and added with accelerators, anti-mold agents, anti-aging agents, anti-static agents, etc. Chemical additives, plasticized at high temperature. The appearance of plastic-coated cloth products is gorgeous and colorful, giving people a pleasing feeling. The surface of the plastic-coated cloth has been specially treated, which can play a non-slip effect, and the width is extra large, reaching 2 meters wide. When processing the finished product, it can reduce the seam and improve the quality. It can be heat-sealed and spliced ​​to avoid sewing pinholes Worry about water leakage. If customers have special needs, our tarpaulin manufacturers can also make special customizations, which can meet the special needs of customers in terms of function and color. You will see that the price of tarpaulins will also be divided into different types. We can come to the tarpaulin factory to understand, or some designated sales places, which will bring a good effect to people. Find out the prices of different sizes of products. And was able to learn some of his notes, including some of its original materials, because of its waterproof properties. So its waterproof performance is also very good. can function in many fields. And its use value is relatively high, the price is more practical, and there are many values ​​that can be created. Plastic coated cloth is suitable for many fields and the price is relatively low. Plastic coated cloth brings a lot of benefits to people. Plastic coated cloth can be used by more people in the process of use.
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