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How to use the thatch cover

by:LINYANG     2022-09-29
Thatch cover canvas refers to the use of special thatch cover materials to cover the cargo stack to reduce the erosion and damage of the goods by sunlight, rain, snow, wind, dust, etc. Loss is minimized and the quality of the goods is protected during storage. Commonly used thatch cover canvas materials are: canvas, reed mat, bamboo mat, plastic film, iron sheet, iron tile, and thatch cover canvas. The erosion and damage to the goods by wind and dust, and the natural loss caused by the physical and chemical properties of the goods are minimized to protect the quality of the goods during storage. Commonly used thatch cover materials are: canvas, reed mat, bamboo mat, plastic film, iron sheet, iron tile, glass fiber reinforced plastic tile, plastic tile, etc. .(1) The method of stacking thatch cover. Directly cover a large area of ​​thatch cover material on the cargo stack, suitable for ridge stacking or large packaged goods, generally large-area canvas, tarpaulin, plastic film, etc. are used. The stacking thatch cover method is convenient to operate, but basically does not have ventilation conditions. (2) Fish-scale thatch cover method. The thatch cover material starts from the bottom of the cargo stack, and overlaps the cover layer by layer in a fish scale style from top to bottom. This method generally uses materials such as seats and tiles with a smaller area to cover. The fish-scale thatch cover method has better ventilation conditions, but each piece of thatch cover material needs to be fixed, and the operation is cumbersome and complicated. (3) The method of canopy cover. The thatch cover material is made into a scaffold of a certain shape. After the goods are stacked, the scaffold is moved to the stack for covering, or the movable scaffold is installed immediately. The thatch method of the movable shed is quicker and has good ventilation conditions, but the movable shed itself needs to occupy the warehouse space, and the cost is high!
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