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A: wow! Shenzhen new landmark on good tall

by:LINYANG     2020-03-16
On August 15, 2016, in the west of shenzhen, dongguan border, loose the overpass near to 107 national road, a new landmark: lam Yang technology co. , LTD. , songgang branch stand stand up, passing pedestrians, everyone amazing - — Lam songgang branch opened! The past 2015, the Chinese economy to slog in the trough, manufacturing especially bleak. The spirit of the pioneer young people, let us in 2016, he launched a branch, knows better Yang xie said: 'Yang grasped the nettle, is to tell the market, the market is some, the market is very big, you don't lose heart, good to find your starting point, growth, his kung fu practice, industry practice, China's processing industry will usher in a new blue ocean! Very bullish on China's business environment, shenzhen's entrepreneurial environment. 'Lam Yang xie total investment of one of the enterprise: Hong Kong MCA international media group, China automobile satellite recorded this opened the way. Opening highlights how fault tolerance, lam Yang small make up in hastily: a sellout flags waving, guest ready to cut the ribbon! Colorful fireworks, heartfelt wishes, Yang road can more walk more wide, more walk more quickly! Xie total speech! Guests with xie total for lam songgang branch opening! ( More wonderful live video, please look) Total television interview: xie shi do processing enterprises of green leaves, young 'leave their kung fu master, industry practice, China's processing industry will usher in a new blue ocean! Very bullish on China's business environment, shenzhen entrepreneurship 'xie total business acquaintances, strategic partners, raised the way various noble, kind to pose for photos. Enterprises or institutions ( In no particular order) : d light packaging materials co. , LTD. In the printing co. , LTD and ShengGuoJi embellish of car park rhyme tea industry co. , LTD. Yongxing tagon industry co. , LTD. Guangzhou red's automatic delivery equipment technology co. , LTD. , best music education consulting co. , LTD. Yang fund social benefits capital miracle world federation of students is the shenzhen bentley drives to guangxi's north flow Aaron middle school class of 1991 XueYouHui truth to film co. , LTD. Thank you for your wishes and blessings! Yang technology co. , LTD. , for customers all over the country to provide quality PET protective film, PE protective film, high temperature tape, electrostatic membrane, from type membrane, and other products, professional protective film solution, one-stop solution to the enterprise with the problem of membrane. Quality, price, service, speed is lam's core competitiveness. Yang songgang the establishment of the branch, in front of shenzhen and opens up a new protective film service system, we will better serve the new and old friends around the country, service processing enterprises from all walks of life. With small make up have a look at our branch internal: on both sides of the corridor, is the godfather of jobs and ma. Front desk field discussion area, have been to all say good! One thing that would happen twice, once in the mind, in a reality! Yang on the way forward, have your blessing, we feel accountable, will do the things better! The world martial arts, only fast not broken. Lam young people will continue to promote the spirit of diligent work, trials and hardships, continues to struggle for a better tomorrow! Let Yang the new landmark of shenzhen west, more brilliant! ( See lam jan branch location map: WeChat chat window open + number, location, location, search 'lam jan branch'. )
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